7 Wedding Trends You Might Want to Try

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Wedding trends may come and go, but some are worth incorporating into your big day. Here are seven wedding trends that you might want to try:

Micro Weddings

Intimate celebrations with only a handful of guests have become increasingly popular due to the pandemic. typically has a capacity of 50 guests or fewer, creating an intimate and personalized celebration with those closest to the couple. This allows for more attention to detail and customization of the wedding, as well as a more affordable option for couples. Micro weddings also offer the luxury of being able to spend more quality time with guests, making it a memorable and special event for everyone involved. We can capture the intimacy and love of your special day.


Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important aspect of daily life, and there’s no reason it can’t also be incorporated into your wedding day. Creating a sustainable wedding can include eco-friendly decor, locally sourced food, and fair-trade flowers. Couples can also consider using digital invitations to reduce paper waste and choosing a venue that prioritizes energy-efficient practices. Even the smallest changes can help make a difference in the environment. Additionally, sustainable weddings can be a beautiful way to celebrate the union of two people while still being respectful to the planet.

Bold Colors

Bright and bold colors are making a comeback, from vibrant oranges and yellows to deep blues and greens, bold colors can add a pop of personality to your big day. Consider incorporating bold color into your bridal party’s attire or incorporating statement pieces, like a bright and colorful floral arch at the ceremony. Bold colors can also be expressed in the wedding decor, such as table linens, centerpieces, and even the wedding cake.

Wedding Trends 2023

Non-Traditional Venues

Couples are moving away from traditional wedding venues and opting for unique locations. Offering couples, a unique and memorable location to say their vows. These venues can add an unexpected twist to a wedding, making it truly one of a kind. From museums to vineyards, art galleries to historic homes or even beaches, non-traditional venues can provide a stunning backdrop for the special day. These venues often have a charm and character that traditional venues do not, and can be a reflection of the couple’s interests or personality.

Personalized Cocktails

Personalized cocktails are a fun and unique way to add a touch of the couple’s personality to their wedding day. Instead of traditional bar service, couples are opting for curated cocktails that reflect their taste, theme, or even their love story. It’s a chance to showcase the couple’s creativity and add a fun element to the reception. Personalized cocktails can be tailored to the season, location or even the wedding colors to make for a memorable experience. Some couples are even taking it up a notch and creating signature cocktails for each other, reflecting each other’s preferences or personalities.

Wedding Trends

Virtual Elements

Wedding virtual elements are a trend that has emerged due to the pandemic but have quickly gained popularity for their convenience and flexibility. This trend allows couples to include virtual elements into their wedding day, including live streaming the ceremony, virtual photo booths or receptions, and even having a first dance in VR. Couples can share their special day with guests who are unable to attend due to distance or health circumstances. Incorporating virtual elements into a wedding is a perfect way to adapt to a changing world while still being able to share the love and happiness with everyone.

Unique Desserts

From dessert stations to donut walls, couples are moving away from traditional wedding cakes to create a dessert that represents their personality. Options like a donut wall, a candy bar or even an ice cream truck are becoming increasingly popular, providing guests with a fun and interactive dessert experience.

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